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Sweet Three: Mix & Match

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    Mix & Match your top 3!

    Raw Ohio Wildflower Honey: For the Honeylove who appreciates the simple classic flavor of honey.  If you put this in your tea, you also have to douse your vanilla ice cream with it too.  Those are just the rules.
    Use this Honey with your Tea, While Baking, On Waffles, In Yogurts and Cereal.

    Bourbon Barrel Honey: This flavor is what life is all about. Infused with cubes of Bourbon Barrels from our friends at Cleveland Whiskey, this batch has just the right hint of bourbon flavor. It will have you creeping your ex's Facebook page to see if they're using it too.  Ok, not a good idea.  But is a good idea to put this on anything possible.
    Use this with Greek Yogurt, Mixed Drinks, Teas, Glazed On Salmon, Drizzled Over Biscuits and Toast.

    Habanero Hot Honey: Sweet & Heat. But our Honeyloves call it "slow burn". We specifically infuse with habaneros because of how complimentary it is with the sweetness of our Raw Wildflower Honey. "How hot is it?" Although it isn't a hot sauce, we set the heat to be mostly delightful when paired with your most favorite foods.
    Use this with Wings, Drizzled Over Pizza, Glazed On Veggies, Poured Over Waffles and Pancakes, and With your Cheeseboards.

     Hibiscus Honey:  Infused with Hibiscus Flowers for 4 days, our Honeyloves describe this flavor as fruity & floral. The best part is that it can be used with so many your favorite foods!
    Use this in your Tea, Drizzle Over Biscuits, Pour Over Waffles & Pancakes, Oatmeal , Greek Yogurt , Mixed Drinks and Cheeses.


    Urban Honey-Middlebury Apiary (Fall) :  AKA "Middlebury Red".  Although this is Raw Honey, you've never tasted honey quite like this before. Insanely flavorful honey harvested from our second apiary in East Akron. The rich dark red tones of this small batch will make your favorite teas and foods taste AMAZING! 

    *Our urban honey is NEVER strained, filtered, or mixed with any other local apiary locations. It's singularity in flavor.

    Use this with All of your Teas, Breads, Mixed Drinks, 


    *Expect Shipping to Be around $8. We charge actual shipping cost.  No more.

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