Our Story

We Are Akron Honey


You know, it doesn’t always take a whole lot to make a change and inspire others. In fact, everything one needs to make sweeping changes could already be right there. Things may not turn out exactly as imagined, but they could be exactly what was needed to break from the traditions and stereotypes of a craft.

 Life teaches us. We believe that when you do things the way that only you know how, you have the power to create mind-blowing flavor in your life that you can use with anything, just like our honey.


 If you show us a honeybee, we can show you an example of how to build something special in your community, and how to beeline upwards while selflessly lifting those around you. We know that life is unpredictable and that every experience is unique; sometimes because of how we speak, what we look like, where we are from, or who we love. Acknowledging these differences is good, but giving them their space to thrive is ideal. That's what kind of flavor experience we believe in. That's what keeps us buzzing.

Just Bee Yourself

 Our Promise

 Making a promise is like shaking someone's hand-- it pretty much seals the deal. It's never just been about a jar of honey for us. Besides, doing the same old thing as everyone else just sucks. It is all about the experience and flavor of things, by any means necessary.

Whether it means deciding to never strain or filter our local batches, or taking a risk like buying a second bee yard on the opposite side of town just because there was a small chance that new location could capture a slightly different flavor of honey that was mind-blowingly good.




 Flavor experience is in our DNA, and we will always work hard to make sure that same experience gives your taste buds a bear hug, and maybe even a flavor smack in the process (it's like a love tap, except with our honey). We're never going to put silly fillers or cheap ingredients in your honey.

You can trust you will always get honey of the highest quality from us, as well as new, exciting honey ideas and products we are working hard to develop. Lastly, we understand that as we climb this ladder, we are obligated to lift those around us. Ah... You see that? We just shook hands