Our Process

  We Imagine. 

With both our Urban and Flavor Varieties we first imagine how much your mind will be blown when you start using Akron Honey with any of your favorite foods, as a result of our process.  Then there's the actual work…

We Harvest. 

Our Urban Honey is true 'hive to jar'. We respectfully raise our honeybees in Akron's neighborhoods, harvest only their surplus in small batches, without filtering or straining, We never blend or mix our urban batches with any other location or season. Then we put it in a jar. From Raw to Wow!

We Introduce.

We carefully select the best Raw Ohio Wildflower Honey along with the active flavor ingredient. Flavor takes time; So we introduce the raw honey to it's new flavor by several days of infusion. We finish the batch by straining out any remaining flavor ingredient, then tell it to jump into the jar (this means we pour it into the jar). Now go Freak Yo' Food Already!

 We Journey.

We approach ingredients as a journey, and not just some line items on a jar. Sometimes the journey requires a specific flavor ingredient, but sometimes its how we treat each step of the process that makes Akron Honey so good that you can use it with anything.

Our Sustainability & Mindfulness

What's sustainability anyway? For most it's just a buzzword (pun intended), but for us it is a series of actions. Although we didn't need a lot, we did need two blighted vacant city lots in order to create two urban honey bee apiaries. To spread sustainability we bring our story to P-12 classrooms to teach these important lessons. 

A more subtle action is in our packaging. In order to reduce waste and practice mindfulness of our Earth's limited resources, we use 100% recycled padded mailers and 100% recycled packaging fillers.

You may have also noticed how minimal our packaging is: Envelope, Padding, Honey, and You. It's that simple! Now go grab your favorite Akron Honey, and use it with anything you want.