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  • The Reason I Turned Down $100k (video)

    The Reason I Turned Down $100k (video)


      In 2016, I appeared on Lebron James' Cleveland Hustles on CNBC  *SPOILER ALERT* These are the answers to the most frequently asked question I get:  Why did you turn down $100k on national television?    

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  • Yelp event was spectacular on all fronts!

    Yelp event was spectacular on all fronts!


    Read Time 1 minute 50 Seconds So we took a chance and tried something new, and boy did it seem to work. If you read our last post , we revealed that we were partnering with Yelp to host members of the Yelp Elite Squad so they could experience Akron Honey in more edible  ways.  What actually happened was an event that made people fall in love with food all over again, by way of honey.  Our Keeper's Table was designed to bring people intimately closer to the foods they already love, and it did so much more than that.  It created...

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  • Keeper's Table

    Keeper's Table

    Read Time 2 minutes This may be the most delicious read ever.  Why?  Because it's all about food!  Well, at least its all about how you can enjoy food more by using honey.  Since becoming a beekeeper, I've enjoyed honey on virtually everything: cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, peanut butter, and this list goes on and on .  But it's not just about pairing honey with different foods.  It's also about different concoctions we can create by using honey.   What's a Keeper's Table?!? A Keeper's table is a exploration of food by way of honey. And this Thursday we are inviting 50...

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  • Why It's Important To Surround Yourself With The Truth

    Why It's Important To Surround Yourself With The Truth

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    Read Time: 2 minutes "You suck!!".  Most of us would interpret this as unpleasant to hear.  Nobody wants to be bad at anything, but instead we want to feel as if we are accomplished and successful. The thing is I live in Akron Ohio.  In Akron one of our biggest problems is that we can seldom find anyone who is willing to tell you that "you suck". This is especially true when you're really trying to do something that's different or new. I think it all happened about eight years ago when we began seeing new ideas coming to life...

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  • Taking on Transparency

    Taking on Transparency

    Taking on Transparency as a second language is neither easy nor fast.  But it must be done if we're gonna stay true to who we are.
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  • Getting The Lab Together

    Getting The Lab Together

    Read Time 1 minute 25 seconds Improving the production lab Setbacks are setbacks.   Or are they? I've had to learn to get used to moving forward so slowly because I juggle a few different things outside of Akron Honey as I decided not to take on investors.  The biggest time draw is the 9-5.   Yup.  Most people don't talk about how many of us entrepreneurs are still managing a full time job while building our new reality.   But I've been approaching an inflection point for a while now.. What I mean is the point at which Akron Honey is operating...

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