West Akron, OH- Honey 3oz

Dark, moderately sweet, with caramel tones.  Somewhat smokey.
During Autumn in West Akron, Ohio there is a familiar palette of colors that returns to the landscape, and the delicious urban honey is no exception.  Our honeybees find the best source of Goldenrod, and Japanese Knotweed, then put it to good use.  The color and texture of this honey is at the peak of flavor.  Autumn honey tends to be a favorite amongst enthusiasts and foodies.

Perfect for creating your own sauces and creams at home.  Check this out... Make a pancake or waffle, add butter, and this honey... wow!
Hand Poured
Gluten Free
Not Strained
Not Filtered
Ethical Beekeeping
*Never Feed Honey or Honey Based foods to infants.
West Akron, OH
Apiary: Crestland Park Apiary
Season: Autumn

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