OMC! Oh My Coconut Honey Spread

Is it even possible to make raw honey taste better than it already does?  Although it is a difficult task, I think we did it.  Our new honey spread has authentic and serious flavor attitude that is unmatched.  The flavor is in the clever pairing of ethically & responsibly sourced Raw Ohio Honey, Ground Gluten Free Oats, and Organic Coconut Extract.  Sure I'm just a Keeper, but I haven't lost my mind from excessive bee stings just yet.  So trust me on this one.  You'll be eating this directly from the jar.
~Wesley The Keeper
3 Simple Ingredients: Raw Ohio Honey, Organic Gluten Free Oats, Organic Coconut Extract
*Gluten Free
*Nut Free
*Dairy Free
*No Sugars Added
Contents Facts:  Every jar has about 5oz of Raw Honey, 5tbsp of Organic Ground Oats,  and just under 1 gram of Organic Coconut Extract.  It takes over 20 thousands miles of flight for our honeybees in order to make each jar.
*This product is currently home produced under the Ohio Cottage Law
What to use it with:  This is the fun part. Use it in your oatmeal, on your toast and bagels, on fruit like bananas, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Your pancakes and waffles will come to life with this spread.  Shucks, or just eat it directly from the jar.
Here's a tip: Cool Spread/Warm Drizzle.  To use as a flavorful spread, consume it at room temperature.  For a mind blowing drizzle, take off the lid and warm up the jar for 8-12 seconds.
What's Our Process:  We start with completely Raw Ohio Honey that is sourced ethically and responsibly. We take Organic Gluten Free Oats and ground them to a powder (oat flour) all in house for the highest quality.  Then we flavor with organic extracts.... and BAM.. OMC! Oh My Coconut!
Since this is honey based you can just keep it in your cupboard.  
Just like honey, this will get thicker when temperatures are cooler and more liquid when it is warmed.
Customer Service Initiative
Got questions? Is something wrong with your purchase?  Something didn't meet your expectations? Just let us know what you need.  We'll make it right.
~Wesley The Keeper
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