Keeper's Stash: Winter Rescue

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You just found a box once owned by a beekeeper. You quickly realize that this isn’t just a box, but instead 'A sampling of the urban honeybee experience’.

Rare Urban Honey | (2) 3oz jars. not strained & not filtered, produced in batches so small that only a select few will experience it. Each jar is stamped with the location and date of harvest. Transparency & Honesty matters.

Keeper’s Salve | (1) .8oz tin. a moisturizer for your hands, body and face, created with a simple list of ingredients including Ohio Beeswax. Don’t let cold weather bring your skin down. Great for scars and other skin healing applications.

Cinnamon Sticks & Cloves | (2) sticks & (2) tbsp of cloves, to be used with the urban honey in ways you’ve never tried.

Vocal Restorative Tea  | (2) curated tea bags, created to restore the purpose of your voice.

Honey Sticks | (4) sticks. you’re busy, we get it. add these to your lunch bag and use them later in the day. just snip the tip, and squeeze out the honey. Super convenient.

Wooden Honey Dipper | (1) dipper. for the coolest posts on instagram
  Guide Cards: Use these cards to guide you as you use the contents of this box in ways you never thought were possible. Because let’s keep it real.... you probably only use honey with tea, and on bread.
*Tea Ingredients: Green Rooibos, Red Rooibos, Pineapple, Marshmallow Root, Rose Petals, Organic Passion Fruit Extract, and Organic Apricot Extract  

USE: Use this Keeper’s stash to fight symptoms of a cold, protect your skin, relax after a long annoying day at work, and to impress your friends (because you got the last available box, and not them).