Honey Gift Set

Honey Gift Set
So this urban honey gift set is an "outta this world" kind of amazing. Prepare yourself to experience this honey with your favorite foods.  Like for real, prepare yourself. Take a jog around the block, do some push ups.  But when you get back, add it to your cart. Harvested from the backyards of Akron, by your friendly neighborhood beekeeper, Wesley.

This urban honey gift set is unique in its varieties, and complete with flavor.  You've been warned.

Set Includes:
4 (3oz) jars of urban honey
10 Honey Sticks
1 Honey Dipper

Hand Poured
Gluten Free
Not Strained
Not Filtered
Nothing Added
Ethical Beekeeping
*Never Feed Honey or Honey Based foods to infants

Denia D
I brought it as a gift and they loved it there elderly couple in the 70s who eat honey all the time and they thought it was top of the line so five stars thank you!!!

Brenda L
Great gift for Valentine's Day
I have loved everything I have used from this box. I also really love buying locally and supporting small businesses.

Karen L
A Gift
I sent it to my daughter in love in NYC. It arrived in a timely manner and she loves it
Location Specific Honey:  
East Akron Ohio, 
West Akron Ohio, 
Downtown Akron Ohio, 
Ravenna, Ohio
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