Keeper's Stash: The Love Box

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You just found a box once owned by a beekeeper. You quickly realize that this isn’t just a box, but instead 'A sampling of the urban honeybee experience’.

Rare Urban Honey | (2) 3oz jars. not strained & not filtered, produced in batches so small that only a select few will experience it. Each jar is stamped with the location and date of harvest. Transparency & Honesty matters.

Keeper’s Salve | (1) .8oz tin. a moisturizer for your hands, body and face, created with a simple list of ingredients including Ohio Beeswax. Don’t let cold weather bring your skin down. Unash yo'self! Great for scars and other skin healing applications.

Cinnamon Sticks & Cloves | (2) sticks & (2) tbsp of cloves. to be used with the urban honey in ways you’ve never tried.

Tea Tins* | (2) curated especially for the occassion. The Aphrodisiac Blend.

Honey Sticks | (4) sticks. you’re busy, we get it. add these to your lunch bag and use them later in the day. just snip the tip, and squeeze out the honey. so convenient.

Wooden Honey Dipper | (1) dipper. for the coolest posts on instagram
Stainless Steel Infuser | (1) infuser. for creating your own perfect cup of tea

Guide Cards | (2) 1.5"x3" cards. these cards guide your use of the contents of this stash in ways you never thought were possible.
Tea Blend *Ginseng Root (panax) - used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac to treat sexual dysfunction as well as to enhance sexual behavior and gonadal functions.
Damiana Leaves (turnera diffusa) - a wild shrub that grows in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies historically used to increase sexual desire.
Guarana (paullinia cupana) - a plant named for the Guarani tribe in the Amazon is a caffeine based stimulant commonly used to assist with weight loss, to enhance athletic performance and to reduce mental and physical fatigue.
Rhodiola Root (rhodiola rosea) - the root of the rhiodola plant is common used for increasing energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity as well as improving sexual function.
Wild Yam (dioscorea villosa) - a plant frequently promoted for its ability to increase sexual energy levels.
Rose Petals (surrexit petalis) - nothing says romance like rose petals.
Marigold Blossoms (calendula officinalis) - an antioxidant which helps protect your body's cells from damage caused by free radicals or hazardous molecules.

Use this Keeper’s Stash to reach the peak of LOVE. It’s that SPECIAL time of the year when someone SPECIAL is expecting for you to buy them something SPECIAL. Use the ingredients of the tea blend to act as an aphrodisiac. Use the the honey to sweeten and warm the coldest shoulder. Use the honey sticks to send your sweetie on his or her way, and feel loved with every taste of honey on the go. Make yourself a hot toddy using the ingredients. Trust us, you’ll feel the LOVE.

Why are people buying these? Because they are in the doghouse, or still sleeping on their couch. Because they want to outdo their male counterparts, and make their partner brag to all of their friends about what you got them. Because they want to try something that could possibly help their love life. It’s Keeper’s Stash Love Box! Why wouldn’t you buy it? Add it to your cart.