I’m Brent Wesley, also known as Wes... or “The Keeper”.

Farming is in my family. My grandparents farmed land in Georgia. I grew up in Aurora, Ohio. Back in the ’80s, it was all undeveloped land. When I went outside to play, it was in the forest. We were one with nature. A connection to the land is in my DNA.

When I enter one of my apiaries today, I feel like the city stops and nature begins.

I’ve always loved the taste and texture of honey. So it was natural that, once I bought the land, the bees chose me.

Although I wasn't looking to own a company, buying vacant lots in my neighborhood started that journey. The freedom I felt from ownership, the notion that I can do whatever I want with this land, lit a spark in me. Now I want to turn on lights to activate more spaces like this.

A few more things about me:

  • I’ve been married since 2004.
  • My wife and I love our two daughters and new baby son. 
  • I’m the lead singer for my band, Wesley Bright and the Honeytones.
  • I have degrees in Business Administration from Kent State and Strategic Human Resources from the University of Akron.