Some people think it's a block party, but Akron Honey Co. calls it Market Day.   Originally Market Day was a way to interact with the community. One of our bee yards, became a pop-up retail space where people could get honey produced by that very neighborhood. Market Day became a way to demonstrate the power of a group of small businesses to ignite the soul of a community. The City of Akron gave us its blessing by shutting down the street in order to welcome more businesses into the neighborhood.

Market Day has evolved into an 'Open Air Social Market'-- a conscious way for people to shop local & boutique goods while being social.

The formula is simple: brick road + curated group of small business owners + gallery of food trucks + hospitality + DJ = Open Air Social Market.

It's a safe environment for social and racial interaction beyond the notion of a "vendors market".  It breathes life into a community by spotlighting / showcasing / featuring small business owners from specific groups, like women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are people of color.