Founded in 2013 with the purchase of a small vacant lot in a city neighborhood, Akron Honey Co. started with an idea and a desire. Brent Wesley wanted to give back to his neighborhood. “What should I do with it?” he asked friends and neighbors, who encouraged him to keep bees and produce honey.

After months of research, a fence was built and a bee yard (called an apiary) was born. Akron Honey Co. is an urban interpretation of the honeybee culture. The honeybees' main ingredient is pollen from the neighborhood’s flowering plants, which benefits our health and makes delicious local honey.  

Soon after word got out about the beekeeper in the neighborhood, people started asking to purchase the small batch honey coming from their own backyards.

Then customers began to inquire about products using Ohio Beeswax. We took our knowledge of raw ingredients from the hive and began creating all natural personal care products. We started with Keeper's Salve, just one item now in our beekeeper’s box of prized possessions, and one you’ve got to try.

We thoughtfully craft Akron Honey Co. with intentional transparency, an authentic love for community, and a mission to create natural goods for people who choose to use clean and quality products, on and in their body.

“There was a need around me that was drawing me outward. I want to make people and places better off. And when you find the way to do that, you gotta latch onto it, have faith, and trust that you’re going in the right direction. It’s pretty fantastic what you can do with just an empty lot.”