East Akron, OH- Honey 3oz

Dark, sweet and slightly smokey, hinting at spice and caramel.
Autumn in Akron, Ohio is all about the color palette of leaves, and the incredible honey that our honeybees make. During this time in East Akron Oho our honeybees are aggressively visiting flowers such as goldenrod and the beautiful Japanese Knotweed.  The taste is incredible and will leave you wondering how you never knew about this elusive small batch of honey from the city.

Perfect for creating your own sauces and dressings.  Combine with butter for an amazing spread.

Hand Poured
Gluten Free
Not Strained
Not Filtered
Ethical Beekeeping
*Never Feed Honey or Honey Based foods to infants
East Akron, OH
Apiary: Middlebury Apiary
Season: Autumn
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