Yelp event was spectacular on all fronts!

Yelp event was spectacular on all fronts!

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So we took a chance and tried something new, and boy did it seem to work. If you read our last post , we revealed that we were partnering with Yelp to host members of the Yelp Elite Squad so they could experience Akron Honey in more edible  ways.  What actually happened was an event that made people fall in love with food all over again, by way of honey.  Our Keeper's Table was designed to bring people intimately closer to the foods they already love, and it did so much more than that.  It created so many different side bar conversations about how someone's neighbor kept bees in the country, or about how their favorite food used to be making a peanut butter and honey sandwich as a kid. The main talking points amongst our guests was how the food tasted, as we transformed it with our honey, and with by-products of honey.  

This was a completely curated dinner experience.  The first course consisted of sunflower seeds, feta cheese, fresh hand made biscuits, and natural unsweetened peanut butter.  The second course was mixed salad greens, sirloin, fried chicken, and grilled asparagus.  Lastly our guests enjoyed thai rolled ice cream from Akron Creamery.  Every item on every course was accompanied by a few batches of our local honey, or by our honey vinaigrette or honey mustard.  Everyone was elated and completely blown away, and the reviews are in to bring those feelings to life. A recurring compliment was that our Yelp event was the best one they had ever had.  


The main piece of information I was wanting was if and how much people would be willing to pay for an experience like this.  Since we had 50 yelpers in the house, I just decided to ask them by them anonymously writing down their feedback on a note card. Of course I was expecting the worst which was right around $20 per person.  To my surprise, although the highest someone would be willing to pay for this was $75, the average price was $40.  So with that we decided to create a nice price point of $40, and plan for four Keeper's Table events (two during November & two during December).

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So lookout for a chance to reserve your spot at a future Keeper's Table.  Your taste buds will thank you.


~Wesley The Keeper

  • Wesley says...

    Thanks!! It’s all about the food!

    On Sep 24, 2018

  • Marlene says...

    Sounds like everyone loved your event! I am not a Yelper but I am looking forward to future events. You are doing a great job educating the public about honey and the plight of our bees. Keep it up!

    On Sep 24, 2018

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