What I Learned From A Thirteen Year Old Beekeeper

What I Learned From A Thirteen Year Old Beekeeper

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I was in Anaheim, California last month, attending a large Natural Products Expo. Up until this time, I had only seen her on an episode of shark tank.  Her story ended well. But I never thought that I would ever get the chance to meet her in person. Her name is Mikaila, and she owns Me and the Bees. She’s a thirteen year old entrepreneur/beekeeper.  At thirteen I’m pretty sure I was a part of some little league baseball team, or a pee wee football team. Maybe I was playing some video game and getting yelled at by my mom to turn it off. No matter how you look at it, I sure wasn’t doing back then what she’s doing now.  

She was the keynote speaker for an all day business development session.  She confidently walked back and forth across the stage as she told her story about how she got started as a result of getting stung by a honeybee.  It was a pretty good story. There’s another story similar to this, but it ended with that person fighting crime, instead of making lemonade. Maybe you’ve heard that one before.  But anyway, her message was all about what to do when life gives you lemons. Make lemonade!

The following is what I learned from her.  In 2013 I saw a vacant lot I subsequently purchased and began raising honeybees on.  To me, it was a big fat lemon. Or at least that’s what I thought back then. And I’m pretty sure that I was right.  Life threw me a lemon (the vacant lot), and I made lemonade, right? I mean, the community loved it, families loved it.  Shucks, even a house a few doors down from our apiary (formerly the vacant lot) sold because of what were doing (so says the new owner of that home). So I know that the City of Akron was happy about that.  Although Mikalia’s message was to make lemonade out of the lemons that life gives you, the message I learned from it was a bit different. “Although you made lemonade once, life will NOT STOP sending you lemons. So get your juicer ready.”  


The Juiceman


That’s where we are at right this very minute. Lots of lemons. And although we know how to make lemonade, we are figuring out exactly what kind of lemonade to make, who to serve it to, and how they like it served. This is far more difficult than transforming the vacant lot into a bee yard (apiary).  But shucks, if you could make the best tasting lemonade in the world, even if it seemed almost impossible at times, wouldn’t you do it??

Let’s hear what you all think!

Thanks for reading.

Wesley The Keeper

Ps- we are not going into the business of making lemonade :)

  • Cynthia Flaksman says...

    I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the very important work.

    I have a big fat rotten lemon currently. I lost 6 out of 7 hives this winter. I have no clue why. They got a clean bill of health in the early fall by the bee inspector. Each hive had at least 14 frames of capped honey still in place. I’m still in mourning.

    Spring will come.


    On Apr 09, 2018

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