The moment when things really began to change

The moment when things really began to change

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You may have read more than a few blogs or articles with this same title. But I can gaurantee you that this actual recipe may be a bit different.  This is especially relevant within the spectrum of business ownership.  

The moment when things began to change is the same moment when I began looking at my business actions as a process: Build it, Let it work & analyze it.   That's it.  Notice that there is no part for "emotions".   When it comes to business, emotions are crappy and tend to get in the way.  When it comes to running your own business, emotions are are often bullshit.

I'll be the first to say that I have conditioned myself to appeal to emotions. "This is a business, why would you do that?", you may ask. You must remember that this entire thing didn't start as a business.  It was instead a devotion to my community in an effort to improve it.  So you can say that it was almost rooted in civic emotion. I can't tell you how many times I did something business related and all of a sudden my emotions took front seat. It could be anything from an under "liked" Facebook post, an underperforming promotion, or even a market we were vending that didn't meet the goals we set. Any time emotions were there, I would go to a very dissapoointed and negative place.  That's treacherous for a business owner.  What began fixing this problem for me was a simple formula.

Build it, Work it, Analyze it!  Some folks know this as the lean startup model.   All you do is build a system that you feel will work for your initiative, deploy that system and let it work, then as soon as it is done, analyze the results, compare them to your intended outcome and make the necessary changes. However, the very first thing that you MUST do is to completely remove any emotional attachment to the cause and effect.  This is so important because of two things: 1) in order to build an effective construct, you must only use business sense and nothing else, and 2) in order to analyze the results properly, your mind cannot be clouded by negative thoughts (or exaggerated favorable feelings) toward the outcome.  

Now notice that I said that things "began to change" for me.   Yes, they are just beginning to change.  However, I do look forward to making this a permanent change.  Time will tell.

How can you apply this to what you do??? I'd love to know.  

Wesley The Keeper
  • Brent Ian Wesley says...

    Thanks! After reading this through, this serves as a further reminder for myself. It’s so hard to separate the emotion from your craft

    On Jul 17, 2018

  • Qolayah Sirafi says...

    Good lesson and article.

    On Jul 17, 2018

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