The Biggest Mistake I Think That I'm Making

The Biggest Mistake I Think That I'm Making

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Okay.  This is where it get's little bit more real, and vulnerable.  But I'm okay with both of those things.  This may be the most brief of these blog posts, so here we go.

There are countless things you can screw up as a business owner, and as a person who doesn't own a business.  Most of the things people consider 'challenges of entrepreneurship' are things I don't have issues with.  Things like working long hours, not sleeping yet performing, and consistently posting to social media.  I'll do that stuff all day no problem.  But what was once a positive attribute has now turned itself into one of my top poisons.  Being too careful.  Yea, that's it.  As a family man my main objective is to protect the house, which means that I have to make low risk decisions so that I won't adversely impact my family. That's a good habit to have in a family. The only problem is that I happen to be the main visionary of a business, and if the vision is being even slightly influenced by risk aversion, I might as well get used to being in last place.  Waiting means watching other hungry ass business owners make those decisions that you aren't making because you are still protecting the house, instead of attacking the industry.  It means that as you're watching the advances of others in similar positions, you are waiting for the MCD (Most Comfortable Denominator).  That math will never make sense. Now GO!!!

 Here's your song!

Wesley The Keeper

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