The 3 Reasons We Chose Nurses Hands, And The 1 Reason Most Would Not.

The 3 Reasons We Chose Nurses Hands, And The 1 Reason Most Would Not.

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It's crazy.  There are these two things called a 'maker' and an 'entrepreneur'.  I must preface this by saying that there's nothing wrong with being a maker, or an entrepreneur (we may explain the differences sometime in the future).  But as an entrepreneur there must be both a well thought out strategy for many things, and an ability to observe performance and be able to pivot when necessary.

So after we were featured on MSNBC's Cleveland Hustles, it was clear to me that continuing only within the honey game wouldn't be sustainable.  We had to do more.  That's when we landed in personal care.  I was excited to discover an industry that was craving new and hot brands that already had  values of transparency, authenticity, natural product focused, and community focus, exactly like what we had been doing since 2013.  It was cool.  As time went on, we began building out ways for us to speak transparency as a language, and leverage our roots in natural products.  But something sill wasn't right.  Although I always worked through uncomfortable situations, this one weighed on my mind. One of our top priorities for 2018 was to further develop our current 'Keeper's Salve' (a product which is all about to change) I realized that if we simply create personal care and other beauty products like so many other companies, we would be essentially taking on a customer base who didn't necessarily have to purchase a moisturizer.  I mean, really.  They could easily live without it.  Then a light came on.  I realized that so many people who already loved our current moisturizer happened to be in healthcare working as a nurse, doctor, physician, veterinarian, or other positions.  And that's when I pivoted to develop our first moisturizer beginning with nurses hands, and here's three reasons why:

 1.Genuine Need

Nurses wash their hands anywhere from 60-100 times per day.  This not only leaves their hands absolutely destroyed, but also makes their hands more susceptible to developing skin conditions.  So whether or not they use moisturizer on their hands is not the question.  They MUST use something in order to work everyday.  The question is now "which one should I use?"   I can work with that.  We can make better stuff because of our quality index, and the way we intimately understand our user.

2. Helping People Who Help Other People

Being a nurse ain't about the money.  I've learned this to be true due to continued market research.  The "calling" many nurses receive is to help other people.  That's who we wanted to serve.  We want help people who help other people.

3.There's A Way For Us To Thoughtfully Speak With Nurses

I'll tell you this.  Nurses go through some real stuff.  Real emotions.  Emotions that you probably didn't realize were there. So it's one thing to care for others physically, mentally , and emotionally.  But it is another thing to have to do those things while you're working very long hours sometimes with doctors who have a 'god-like" complex, being under informed, left out of the loop, and being left fearful of whether you'll be able afford retirement at the end of a career spanning several decades.  Yea, this was news to me.  I had no clue that nurses felt underappreciated.  After getting this specific feedback from several nurses, I saw a way for us to use a current strength of ours.  Through our products experience we have been able to speak to our consumers in ways that resonate with them.  I saw the possibility of the same thing with nurses.  But we need to know who they are first.


So now you know why.  But WHY NOT??

1.  Size And Longevity Of Existing Competitors

Although I don't know anyone to have taken a crack at this market in the way we are planning to do, I clearly see why they would be reluctant to take the leap.  The sheer size of these players who have been in the healthcare industry for a long time is a big concern,  They have the long term relationships, and the exclusivity because of existing relationships. And because of those strong relationships supported by years of sales, their pockets are already pretty deep.  But times are changing, and people aren't just convinced to buy products.  Products suck!  People want more to believe in and to buy.  They want experience.  That's where Akron Honey shows up to the game.

As always, let me know what you think!!

Wesley The Keeper

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  • Karen says...

    Right on, Wesley. One thing that took me a while to find out was that your skin is the largest organ of your body – just waiting to suck up anything and everything that touches it. The no-chemicals craze has really hit and natural products are rightly becoming the better thing to use. Now if you can make a product with your beeswax (probably a good start) that can stay on through more than just one hand washing, I think you’ll have something!

    On Jun 04, 2018

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