The importance of paying attention to your feelings.

The importance of paying attention to your feelings.

So if you're like me you have one gear, which is "GO"!  Trust me, having that particular gear at my disposal has been an enormous advantage.  For real, it's great.  I usually can outpace others who are doing similar things, I can respond faster to things when I hear a request to do so (Because I say yes, and then I think about how to do it), and lastly it makes it 'seem' as if I'm making a lot of progress. Cool, right?  NOPE!

But to keep this 100% real, I'd rather trade that gear in for a more sustainable gear.  The biggest problem with this "go-gear" is that most of the time it makes me completely disregard why I'm feeling the way I am.  It's like having a 2015 Jeep Wrangler, taking it off road, and when its time to change the oil and perform other routine maintenance, you hit the trail again.   Eventually there will be a break down.  Of course the jeep will look nice and shiny from the outside, but the engine may be working overtime to complete what should be an easy task.  Stopping to think about why you're feeling the way you are is literally the maintenance you need to keep it moving.  You can interpret the stress, and decode the anxiety.  Yes!!

But let's consider the collateral damage.  Got a team you work with?  What about a family you're raising?  Yea, that.  It's not just you who is living with the lack of maintenance.  It's everyone around you.  You're the Jeep, and your family and  your team are the other cars on the road.  They need you to run well in order to keep that positive traffic flow.

So do yourself a favor today.  When you feel anxious or nervous, just write down what it is you're feeling.  Act as if the paper is the therapist, and you have to let it all out.  I promise you, you'll love how maintenance will feel.

Tell me about your experience with this.  I'd love to hear it.

~Wesley The Keeper


  • Bridgette says...

    That’s funny you used 2015 Jeep Wrangler OlllllllO, I have one too brother, rock on! Jeep life ! Best of luck to you, your family and Akron Honey.

    On Mar 07, 2018

  • Moí Alayne says...

    Wesley, I was one of the people who watched you on that show when you presented yourself, and so your company, as you ‘are’ the company. Yes, take care of yourself. Many depend on you now than when you first walked out to talk to those backer people. You are very right. I was the one that wanted to send you part of my pension every month to help you get go and I was born in Akron. You said thank you but no. I didn’t want anything in return, I only wanted to help a young man with a brilliant idea, loving heart and strong faith that he would make it happen. I’ve silently watched how things have changed so quickly for you. I see ebay is part of you now also. Dear young man, I’m 63 now. I am still very proud of you, and moreso, having read about taking care of yourself. Very proud. One thing I praying that you will also remember, is to remember you humble beginnings. It is easy to get caught up and forget that humble thought that came to you that day about creating your own beehive, caring by hand those precious bees. Remember that young man Wesley. Never lose sight of him and his humble struggles and how you walked from driveway grass to each hive and lovingly thanked each bees and their Creator for what you were able to harvest for your family, friends, those you gifted your honey with because your heart knew they needed that someone who cared enough to stop and see them, not their circumstances. That is the young man I was very proud of. The young man I gladly would have given a part of my pension to each month. And I will admit, it did sorrow my heart when you turned me down, I’m just me with my service pup, but I believed in you so much, I would have gladly given all I could, and I knew it wouldn’t be a great amount, but it was the point that I was giving to a promising young man who remembers his humble beginnings and those around him who gave their time, funds, hands, their hearts to lift you up so you could one day fly. And fly you certainly are. My word how things have changed for you. Very proud. You don’t need this old woman’s pension pennies and few dollars. I do ask those, please, remember how you felt when you started learning about God’s bees and built that first hive, and found that first piece of ground to place it on. Remember your roots. Please don’t forget your humble beginning and that first gentle bee God created and sent to that hive to start you on this road you are traveling. I see the change in you from that young man that walked out and presented to the world his idea and turned down their offer of help that came with a price. I would have given what help I could with nothing ever wanted back but to see you succeed in every way. It would have given me a small piece of humble pride like a grandma watching a child from the neighborhood take those pennies and use them and one day granny would see he bought a new pair of shoes and my how he can run now. And how her heart would smile. That’s all I was offering way back then. But that’s the Past. Anything I could have given would be like a drop in the ocean you have now.
    Remember you humble beginnings, Wesley. Remember the people who stood and tried to stand by you out if great pride in you. Remember that humble blessed gift of that first bee. I’ll continue to watch your story on your road. I’ll always be proud of you. The Lord bless you and hold you close.
    Moí Alayne

    On Mar 05, 2018

  • Jim says...

    Wisdom. Praying you can keep to your routine maintenance schedule. :)

    On Mar 05, 2018

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