Keeper's Table

Keeper's Table

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This may be the most delicious read ever.  Why?  Because it's all about food!  Well, at least its all about how you can enjoy food more by using honey.  Since becoming a beekeeper, I've enjoyed honey on virtually everything: cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, peanut butter, and this list goes on and on .  But it's not just about pairing honey with different foods.  It's also about different concoctions we can create by using honey.  

What's a Keeper's Table?!?

A Keeper's table is a exploration of food by way of honey. And this Thursday we are inviting 50 Elite Yelpers to try it out at a private event. It's more than a honey tasting. During a Keeper's Table you can expect to see foods as simple as sunflower seeds and feta cheese, peanut butter and fresh hand made biscuits, luscious greens, fried chicken, succulent sirloin, and even vanilla thai rolled ice cream.,  If you use honey properly with your food, your food will POP!   Check out the menu below:

1st Course: Sunflower Seeds & Feta Cheese

2nd Course: Natural Unsweetened Peanut Butter & Hand Made Biscuits

3rd Course: Fresh Greens Accompanied with Akron Honey Vinaigrette Light and Dark

4th Course: Fried Chicken, Sirloin, and Roasted Asparagus accompanied with Hand Crafted Akron Honey Mustard.

Final Course: Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Since our honey is not strained nor filtered, and never mixed with any other honey from different bee yards or seasons, the flavor stands on it's own.  But when paired with the right foods, there's an explosion of sensation because of that flavor.

Featured Honey : Crestland Park 9.1.17, Crestland Park 7.3.17, Middlebury Apiary 7.7.17, Middlebury (red) Apiary 9.4.17, and Crestland Park Butter 7.30.17.

In addition to this our Labkeeper, Shamari, will guide our Yelping friends  in crafting their own personalized Beeswax Body Balm during our Make & Take portion of their visit.


Who knows, we may begin to offer Keeper's Table as a permanent fixture.

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