Getting The Lab Together

Getting The Lab Together

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Improving the production lab

Setbacks are setbacks.   Or are they? I've had to learn to get used to moving forward so slowly because I juggle a few different things outside of Akron Honey as I decided not to take on investors.  The biggest time draw is the 9-5.   Yup.  Most people don't talk about how many of us entrepreneurs are still managing a full time job while building our new reality.   But I've been approaching an inflection point for a while now.. What I mean is the point at which Akron Honey is operating so well that I can finally take it on full time.  Although this is a good thing, it tends to get really muddy at times because things are getting busier with production.  But our setback right now is in the lab.  

In order to get to the scale we need, we have to tighten up the production lab logistics. With retailers we will only have one shot to impress and come through on our commitments.  So up until this point ,we could be pretty loose in the lab.  We served a limited size market at only a few distribution points, so we could afford to be a tad bit loose as we focused on other areas.   But that's got to change.  And I'm happy to say that we are making the necessary changes to come out on top.  We need to be cleaner in presentation, more precise and consistent with formulation.  But I've always found that if you fix the right one underlying thing, you will fix all of the right things.  So we will be balancing improving our structure, while we work hard on creating a presence in healthcare with some of our personal care. Stay tuned. 


Wesley The Keeper

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