Food and The Confusion of Unexpected Success

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Ok,  I'll keep it real.  I'm a day late on my newsletter.  But I have a good reason.  Yesterday (Sunday) was Market Day.  But it wasn't just our normal market day. About one month ago I wrote another blog post during which I revealed that not only had my eyes been opened to the idea of taking on food, but we may be trying out some brand new packaged food items by the end of the year.  Well, that day was yesterday (Sunday)!  Yes, it came way faster than we expected. So let's talk about how it all went down.


We partnered up with local street food company and mustard connoisseur, Stray Dog Cart, owned and operated by Charly Murphy.  Not THE Charlie Murphy, but our Charly Murphy.  Charly and I have worked together in the past as we collaborated on previous Market Days.  A few months ago, Charly and I sat down together and talked about the possibility of us really doing a honey mustard together.  You see, I think it was last year (maybe even 2016 as well) when Charly and I teamed up to make this very same honey mustard for Market Day.  It was very well received.  But it really wasn't a product yet.  It was just great honey mustard.  Since then, Charly had been working on getting it right.  In order to prepare to bring the honey mustard to even pre-market we had to create the sexiest packaging concept we could think of.  That's when Kelsey came in.


Kelsey has been with us since late 2017. Kelsey recently relocated and works remotely from South Carolina, and does a lot with general business development.  But one of her skills is having a great eye sexy packaging, and how to create a bridge between that and our brand.  She first got her hands on the concept on May 30 2018. Kelsey was the one who came up with our three word framework the we use as a filter for all of our product packaging: Simple, Transparent, Eco-Friendly.  After several rounds of edits, we finally landed on this design. We used a minimalist approach.  We intentionally placed the ingredients front and center so our consumer wouldn't have to spend time looking for them.  We wanted it to be easy.   Kelsey cleverly hinted at our honeybee centric culture by placing honeycomb underneath everything, and wrapping it in white space.  Finally, she went for simplicity again by giving the user some suggested pairings at the bottom of the container.  Speaking of the container, we chose this glass bottle because of it's elegance and eco-friendliness.  


A little sample of the frenzy.

Market Day

So here comes Market Day. Mind you, this was never intended to be an actual launch.  We just wanted to try out something new, then gather user experience info. We didn't realize that we would get the response that we did.  Just before the event we posted on social media about it, and the internet began to buzz.  But the in-person reaction was marvelous.  People sampled, and then began buying all of our stock.  We sold out in about 2 hours.  We set an introductory price point of $20, somewhat wondering if we got it right.  I guess we did.

So here we are after Market Day.  Going into this event I was thinking about how to best shape the strategy for our personal care and evolving beeswax moisturizers. Now, I realize that we need to build in food as somewhat of a mainstay. It is a little confusing for me to begin looking in this new direction, especially after being so focused on personal care.  But what's important is allowing the excitement to die down so that we can get to the experience data, and figure out how to make it better.  Just as important, Charly and I need to figure out how to proceed with production given the expected demand for this.  

 Are there any particular food products you'd love to see us carry?? Sound off!

PS- this is the peanut butter, which also sold out.  More on this later.

Peanut BUtter


Here's your song


Wesley The Keeper

  • Brent Ian Wesley says...

    Ahhhhh Yes! I’m glad that you are enjoying it. We have a meeting next week to figure out how to proceed with a long term production plan.

    On Jun 26, 2018

  • Beth Scruggs says...

    The peanut butter is awesome! I put it on toast and then some homemade pound cake- oh my, almost gone, going to have to re-up!!

    On Jun 26, 2018

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