6 Reasons Why Akron Honey Market Day Is More Than Just A Vendor's Market

6 Reasons Why Akron Honey Market Day Is More Than Just A Vendor's Market

In 2014 when we held our first Market Day, We didn't realize how big and significant it could be.  In 2017 we were commissioned by the University of Chicago to visit an event they sponsored to speak about our market.  By that time we had further developed our market into a concept we coined as an 'Open Air Social Market', or in other words a conscious way to shop small and be social.  They were curious about our recipe for this.  Our recipe was simple: Food truck or Food Carts, Exciting and Hip Small Businesses, Eclectic Seating In The Middle Of The Street, and  Soul DJ.   So here are the 6 reasons that make Akron Honey Market Day more than a regular market.


1. Location:  Akron Honey began with one vacant lot in the Highland Square neighborhood in West Akron that we transformed into an apiary (bee yard).  So naturally we decided to hold our markets directly in front of our apiary (Crestland Park Apiary).  Adding on to the aesthetics, directly in front of the bee yard is a beautiful old brick road.  It's a unique setting that you probably won't find many other places.


2. Size:  Akron Honey Market Day is small and intimate. Most markets rely on largeness in size so as to offer the consumer value in variety (tons of vendors).  However we offer value in quality of participants.  So the cast is small, and so is the space they are situated on.  We have about 14 small business participants who make quality in product.

3. Focus On Diversity:  We believe that you get the best experience when there is a diverse cast of participants.  Diversity in age, race, gender, sexual orientation, belief, product.  These are all things we are very intentional about. This often creates a cultural overlap (a gathering of people who wouldn't ordinarily be around one another).

4. Collaboration: We recommend that our participants collaborate with one another to bring something new and fresh to this micro market.  For instance, in 2016 we gave Stray Dog Cart come honey so they could make a honey mustard from scratch.  Currently we are working to bring it back and keep it on.

5. Vibe: Vibe is the feel.  This market was built upon that.  If it doesn't FEEL GOOD, it won't be at our market.

6. Family Friendly: This is a market where you can take your family after church, or take your friends as a follow up release from the night before.  It really is for everyone.

 This is what Cool Cleveland had to say about it.

So that's it.  6 Reasons Why Akron Honey Market Day is it's own thing!

Let us know what's on your mind.  What would you want from a market?  Who would you want to see there?


Wesley The Keeper

  • Kimberly says...

    Good evening. How do I become a vendor for your events? I love what you are doing for my hometown.

    Thank you in advance.

    On Jun 23, 2018

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