3 Things Kindness Can Do That Money Cannot

3 Things Kindness Can Do That Money Cannot

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“Yo, he was such an a**hole!”. Everyone has heard that before. But hopefully they weren't talking about you. But maybe they were, which surely sucks. However for the sake of this conversation we can say that you're not an a**hole, but instead are very kind. Don't take it lightly though, because kindness is a force to be reckoned with. So here's the burning question:
would you rather have lots and lots of money, or would you rather be known as the kindest person in the room? Before you answer that, here are 3 things that kindness can do that money cannot.

1. Genuinely build relationships that are programmed to last
This is a really simple one. Nobody wants a bad relationship with anyone. By being kind you can more quickly build your relationships because the other person or people in this relationship will at least want it to happen because they see something in you that is desirable. You're giving them a reason to be there with you. Also, imagine what the rest of their day could look like: waiting in a long line, getting yelled at by someone, being late and feeling bad about it.
Your kindness could be the break in their day that they need. But how does kindness program the relationship to last?. Well first let's look at how money programs things. Money is here today and gone tomorrow. Say for instance that you are overloaded with money and somehow are able to pay for the things that the company you keep likes. Good for them, but bad for you because you're programming them to respond to the money, and not to you. Kindness programs them to a feeling they like when you're around, regardless of the balance of your bank account.

2. Get people to see things from your perspective
Being kind to someone almost instantly creates the effect of them wanting to care about you. And if they care about you, they should be more willing to see things from your perspective. After all, they like you, and why wouldn't they want to see things from the perspective of someone they already like? Money just can't do this. People want to be true to themselves, and at the end of
the day, no amount of money could force someone to magically see things from the perspective of an a**hole.

3. Get people to be on your side, because they like you
This is the most powerful one of this list. Money won't bail you out of jail, but people can. Money doesn't help get you that job, but people provide their references for you to land it. Money can't open the doors necessary for you to launch that new product line, but people can provide access to the resources necessary for a successful launch. Dude, you gotta have people on your side to be successful. Seriously! They can vouch for you when you need it the most. And you know what? They'd probably proudly do it because to them, you're worth it.

Let me know what you think. Kindness or Money?

Here's your song for this week. It's “KIND” of great!

Wesley The Keeper

  • Karen says...

    As the Beatles wrote it so succinctly, “I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love!” Every time, I’ll pick kindness over money.

    On Apr 23, 2018

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